Pro-Lift provides garage door tune up in Temecula

As a vehicle owner, you know that routine tune-ups are an important part of keeping your car in good condition. What you might not know is that this also applies to your garage door. Without routine maintenance, your garage door will break down more quickly and more often, and it will have a shorter expected lifespan. But with regular garage door tune ups from Pro-Lift Garage Doors® of Temecula CA, you can keep your garage door running smoothly year after year after year…

Our Signature Garage Door Tune Up Service in Temecula

If you’re like most people, you don’t think much about the work your garage door does day-in and day-out. But over time, all that opening and closing adds up. As wear and tear starts to accumulate, your garage door will have trouble performing as well as it’s supposed to. Soon, your system will be under more strain and stress than it’s designed to endure, and breakdowns will start to occur.

With garage door tune up services from Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula, you can prevent minor wear and tear from occurring, spot minor issues before they turn into serious problems, and extend the overall lifespan of your garage door.

A standard tune up from our technicians consists of four stages: lubrication, inspection, a force check, and the final tune-up.

  • Lubrication. Friction is the easiest way for a garage door system to accumulate damage. To prevent this, we will start your tune-up by lubricating moving components.
  • Inspection. Following lubrication, our technicians will perform a 21-point safety inspection of your garage door’s systems and components, noting any areas that require repair or maintenance.
  • Force Check. After the inspection, we will measure the amount of force it takes to open your garage door. Too much force is a sign of serious issues within your system.
  • Tune-Up. Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula will finish your garage door tune up by making any necessary adjustments, tightenings, or repairs to your garage door and its related systems.

When to Schedule a Garage Door Tune Up in Temecula

To keep your garage door in Temecula in proper working order, we recommend having a garage door tune up performed at least once every year. However, if you notice issues with your garage door before your next tune-up, we strongly recommend calling the team at Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula to schedule an inspection. The earlier you catch damage, the less expensive it will be to fix.

Our tune-up services are provided throughout Temecula CA and are also available to homeowners in surrounding towns and cities. Our list of communities served includes Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris, Murrieta, Corona, and other nearby towns and rural areas.

Call Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula today at 951-395-0185 to schedule a garage door tune up.