You probably don’t give much thought to your garage door from day to day. Unless it is broken or damaged, your garage door is hardly top of mind. But what happens when age, weather, or an accident causes your garage door to be damaged or worn? If you’re not ready to purchase a whole new garage door, but you’d really like to fix the panels that don’t look their best, now is the time to call Pro-Lift® Garage Doors of Temecula. Our garage door panel repair and replacement services help homeowners fix small problems without the expense of purchasing a whole new garage door.

About Our Garage Door Panel Repair Services

garage door panel repair
At Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula, we know that accidents happen. New drivers can back into a garage door leaving a dent. The weather can leave your door looking weathered and dingy. And the simple effects of time can cause a less than desirable look to your garage door. While many homeowners delay these types of garage door panel repairs, at Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula, we know that the fix is much easier and less expensive than many homeowners think.

Garage door panel repair or replacement is an easy and cost-effective way for homeowners in the Temecula area to fix up a door that is damaged or discolored. Instead of buying a whole new door, we can find and install a replacement panel for your existing door. In fact, many homeowners are surprised to learn that today’s garage doors are designed for just this type of repair. So whether your door is wood or aluminum, white or a color to complement your home, we can find a replacement panel that will have your garage looking great again.

If we can’t find the exact panel and color to match your door, we can often find the same style of panel to replace the broken or discolored panel. Then homeowners can have the panel or whole garage door repainted for a uniform look. This is often far less expensive than a whole new door.

Unfortunately, sometimes a full garage door replacement is needed. If the damage is too great to be fixed by a new panel, we can help you find a new garage door that matches your budget and style preferences.

Stop looking at that old or dented garage door. Call Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula today at (951) 395-0185 to learn more about our garage door panel repair and replacement services. We are proud to work with homeowners in Temecula, Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris, Murrieta, Corona, and the surrounding communities.