garage door opener replacement in TemeculaIf your garage door opener has finally called it quits, Pro-Lift Garage Doors® of Temecula CA can help you find a suitable garage door opener replacement. We offer a wide range of openers from leading manufacturers, with options for practically any size, weight, or style of garage door. Our experts are happy to provide you with advice when choosing a new opener, and we offer comprehensive installation for whichever system you ultimately choose.

As Temecula CA’s source for garage door maintenance, repairs, and installation, we are proud to provide garage door opener replacement services throughout Temecula and the surrounding areas. In addition to Temecula, we offer garage door opener replacements to homeowners in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris, Murrieta, Corona, and other nearby communities.

Temecula’s Source for Garage Door Opener Replacement

When your garage door opener is working properly, you don’t pay it a lot of attention. But when your opener is breaking down every other week, it can be a serious problem. At Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula, we know how important a well-functioning opener is for any garage. So when you need to replace an old, worn out opener with a new one, we’re here to help you find the right system.

Our garage door opener installation and replacement services at Pro-Lift Garage Doors of Temecula start with an inspection of your current garage door system. It’s important that your new opener is able to handle the size, weight, and style of your door, so we will measure and record your garage door’s dimensions at this time. We will also inspect the surface or surfaces to which your opener will be mounted, which will help us ensure proper installation. If you’re unsure whether a replacement is necessary, our technicians may be able to repair your garage door opener.

Once we’ve collected all the necessary information, we will provide you with a series of suggested systems for your new opener. Pro-Lift Doors of Temecula carries an extensive range of openers, which we source from trusted brands like LiftMaster and Genie. We can suggest systems that provide standard functionality or provide you with options for added features, like smartphone integration, biometric locking, or powerless operation.

All our garage door opener installations are performed by qualified, highly trained technicians. During installation, we are careful to follow manufacturer specifications to the letter, which ensures that your door is covered by any applicable warranty. At the end of installation, we will closely inspect our workmanship, then test your opener to make sure that it is functioning properly.

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