At Pro-Lift Garage Doors® Tacoma, we know how easily a transport truck can damage your loading dock without the protection of high-quality dock bumpers. The right dock bumpers can withstand repeated wear and tear and heavy-duty impacts. But if you have the wrong type of bumpers, or your bumpers are improperly installed, the protection to your loading dock will be practically non-existent. As Tacoma’s trusted source for dock bumper installation and repair, we can help you protect your loading dock for years and years to come.

Tacoma’s Choice for Dock Bumper Installation & Repair

picture after dock bumper installation in Tacoma

Transport trucks can do a lot of damage, even at speeds below 5 mph. A seemingly small could force you to shut down your loading dock and spend four or five figures on the repairs. In some cases, damage is so severe that it compromises the structural integrity of the building itself.

Dock bumper installation services from Pro-Lift Garage Doors Tacoma offer superior protection for your loading dock entrances. We cover every aspect of your installation to ensure the right materials, the right fit, and the right precautions are in place.

This starts with a detailed site assessment. Our installation experts will carefully inspect your loading dock area to ensure that dock bumpers are properly measured, fitted, and installed, and to ensure they can withstand the level of traffic and force they will be exposed to in your facility.

Once the initial assessment is completed, we will work with you to select the right dock bumpers for your facility. We source our bumpers from top manufacturers, including trusted names like Rite-Hite and Pioneer. Depending on your site specifications, loading traffic, and budget, we may recommend either molded dock bumpers or laminated dock bumpers.

  • Molded Dock Bumpers: Molded dock bumpers are a cost-effective choice for facilities with lower levels of loading traffic or where high-force impacts are unlikely.
  • Laminated Dock Bumpers: Laminated dock bumpers are the best option for facilities with heavy traffic or a risk of high-force impacts from loading vehicles.

All dock bumper installations by Pro-Lift Garage Doors Tacoma are performed by skilled, experienced technicians, ensuring professional workmanship on every aspect of your installation.

Our technicians also offer dock bumper repair and maintenance services throughout the Tacoma area. If you have noticed wear or damage to your existing bumpers, we can inspect your bumpers and perform any necessary dock bumper repair or maintenance work. If damage requires that your bumpers be replaced, we can schedule a dock bumper installation assessment.

Learn More About Dock Bumper Repairs & Installations

Dock bumper installation and repair services from Pro-Lift Garage Doors Tacoma are available throughout the Tacoma area. Our communities served include Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Puyallup, Fife, Sumner, Kent, Auburn, Federal Way, University Place, Parkland, Spanaway, and others in close proximity to our offices in Tacoma WA.

Ready to learn more about our dock bumper installation and repair services? Call Pro-Lift Garage Doors Tacoma at 253-693-2214 today for detailed information and to schedule an assessment for your facility.