Dock Leveler Installation in Miami

Dock levelers are a critical piece of equipment for many shipping/receiving facilities. But without proper installation and professional maintenance, your dock levelers could suffer frequent breakdowns or have a shorter-than-anticipated lifespan. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose Pro-Lift Doors® of Miami for your dock leveler installation and repair needs.

Our dock leveler specialists will ensure the quality, integrity, and smooth operation of your levelers, keeping your facility safe and on schedule. Whether you’re installing a new set of dock levelers, need an emergency repair for a leveler that’s malfunctioning, or wish to extend the life of your levelers with routine maintenance inspections, you can rely on the team at Pro-Lift Doors of Miami.

Expert Dock Leveler Installation, Repair, and Maintenance in Miami

When you’re installing a new dock leveler — or several at once — it’s crucial that you find a trusted installer. In fact, it’s equally crucial that you choose a company that can provide expert guidance at any point where it may be needed. Our expertise is a key reason why Pro-Lift Doors of Miami is our city’s trusted source for dock leveler installations.

We start all our installations by performing a detailed survey of your shipping/receiving facilities. This give us the physical specs and data we need for proper installation, including the dimensions of your dock doors and the materials on which levelers will be mounted. It also gives us information about typical traffic and loads that your levelers will be exposed to.

After your assessment, we will provide our professional recommendations regarding which type of levelers should be used for your dock leveler installation. Pro-Lift Doors Miami stocks dock levelers exclusively from trusted manufacturers, ensuring the integrity and quality of any leveler we install. Furthermore, we maintain a variety of levelers, so that you can find the right model for both your needs and your budget.

All dock leveler installations from Pro-Lift Doors of Miami are performed by teams of expert technicians, who bring a wealth of skill and experience to their work. This ensures high-quality workmanship on every installation we perform.

We bring the same high standards for workmanship to our dock leveler repair services, making us the ideal choice to fix a malfunctioning leveler at your facility. We strive to provide rapid response to all repair requests. We also provide on-demand maintenance calls to facilities that wish to extend the life of their levelers through regular inspections and as-needed tune-ups.

Call Pro-Lift Doors of Miami today at 305-239-9059 to book a consultation, schedule a service call, or learn more about our dock leveler installations and repairs!