kelly dock levelerYour shipping docks are vital for a successful operation. If they’re not functioning properly, you can’t get orders out the door on time, directly affecting bottom line results. At the same, when dock doors are broken or malfunctioning, your business is open to issues with safety and liability. But at Pro-Lift Doors, we can help. Whether you’re facing a broken part, or are interested in a replacement, we are your go-to source for dock levelers installation, maintenance and repair.

How Our Dock Levelers Installation & Repair Services Work

At Pro-Lift Doors, we always start our installation and repair services with a full assessment of your docks and loading bays. This way, we can get a better sense of your operating demands. We can also identify any potential problems and walk through all options so you have a full understanding of the benefits and risks.

If you’re looking for the installation of new dock levelers, Pro-Lift Doors can manage the job from start to finish. We rely on the trusted names you know in dock leveler manufacturing, including Pioneer. Whichever dock or pit levelers you’re interested in, we can meet your specifications. We also have experience with all types of levelers, from hydraulic and mechanical to pneumatic, and can provide you with the solution that works best for your business – and your budget.

Along the way, we’ll work with you to ensure the dock leveler you choose can support the number of loads your operation requires each day. Likewise, we can make sure you select a dock leveler that will maintain both safety and efficiency of your loading bay system.

If you’d instead like to repair and maintain your existing dock or pit leveler, we can help you there, as well. We provide servicing for all makes and models of levelers, whether you have an emergency repair, or require an inspection and planned maintenance check. Whatever your needs, our technicians can help you maintain your dock and pit levelers throughout the life of the equipment.

Why Pro-Lift Doors for Dock Levelers Installation & Repair?

From small repairs to big installations, our technicians can make them happen with the highest level of professionalism and precision throughout the entire process. You can trust us to identify the problem quickly, provide on-target recommendations, and implement a solution that will work best for your operation in the long-term. It’s why customers consistently choose us – and why we’ve been in business for over 40 years.

When you want a team you can rely on for quality and efficiency, call in Pro-Lift Doors. We can provide a complete evaluation of your needs and make recommendations for both repair and installation of dock levelers.