Pro-Lift Doors offers garage door panel repair in Keller

A damaged garage door panel can be frustrating as a homeowner in Keller. Often, the damage is highly visible, spoiling the exterior appearance of your home. But is it really worth replacing your entire garage door just to fix a single problem panel? The good news is that with help from Pro-Lift Doors® of Keller TX, you won’t have to. Our garage door panel repair and replacement services in Keller give you an easy way to fix individual panels, restoring your garage door to a “just like new” appearance.

Our Garage Door Panel Repair Services in Keller

When garage door panels suffer minor or cosmetic damage, the damage is typically restricted to just one or two panels. In these cases, it is much more cost-effective to replace the individual panels than to perform a wholesale replacement of your garage door.

But if you’re replacing a damaged garage door panel, it’s important that you find the right match. That’s where Pro-Lift Doors of Keller can help. As Keller’s trusted providers of garage door repair and installation services, we have access to an extensive range of garage door replacement panels. In most cases, we can source a replacement panel that’s the same material, the same style, and the exact dimensions of your damaged panel.

While we strive to match the color of your garage door, an exact color match may not be possible for all doors. Thankfully, our garage door panels can be easily painted to match your other panels. Alternatively, you can give your entire door a new coat of paint to renew and refresh its appearance.

In some cases where multiple panels have been damaged, it is better to replace the entire door than individual panels. If you’re not sure whether you need a garage door panel repair or a full-scale garage door replacement, our technicians in Keller can provide you with guidance and assistance. We will be happy to inspect your door to determine the extent of the damage, show you the different types of doors that we install, and provide you with quotes so that you can compare the cost of a panel replacement vs. a new door.

Whether you’re replacing an individual garage door panel or installing a completely new door, the team at Pro-Lift Doors of Keller is ready to help. We provide garage door panel repair and replacement services throughout Keller TX and surrounding areas, including Grapevine, Southlake, Colleyville, and Hurst.

Call Pro-Lift Doors of Keller today at 817-796-9259 to learn more about our garage door panel repair and replacement services and request a free quote.