Your high speed doors are a critical part of your operation. You rely on them to keep your facility operating smoothly, keep your employees safe, and to provide efficient access to work spaces while protecting sensitive environments. At Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Chattanooga, we understand how important the proper installation and repair of high speed doors is to your operation. That’s why we’re uniquely focused on providing you with the most advanced technology and the finest service professionals in the business!

About Our High Speed Doors Installation and Repairs Services

high speed doors installation and repair Chattanooga

Every business is unique, and every application is even more so. That’s why experience counts when it comes to installing and repairing high speed doors. Businesses in the Chattanooga area know they need support from professionals that have the experience to quickly diagnose problems, recommend the correct installation for new doors, and provide reliable and cost-effective maintenance services. It’s why they rely the professional team at Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Chattanooga.

Our trained and experienced technicians work with Chattanooga-area businesses every day to install and repair high speed doors. Whether your application is indoors our outdoors, sealing your cold storage or protecting your clean rooms, odds are our technicians have worked with an application similar to yours before. That experience and knowledge is what counts with critical systems like service doors. We’ll work with you to ensure your high speed door systems are installed or repaired correctly. With our high speed door installation and repair services, you can rest easy knowing your system is working at peak efficiency and is safe for your employees.

The Products and Services You Need in Chattanooga

Whether you’re facility is in need of a new high speed door, or your current doors need maintenance and repairs, choosing the right products is critical. We’re here to make it easy. At Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Chattanooga, we only supply the finest products and parts from today’s leading brands like Rytec and Dynaco. Some of the models of high speed doors we sell and service include:

  • By Rytec: Clean-Roll, Bantam, Rast-Seal, Pharma-Roll, Pharma-Seal, Turbo-Seal (including Feezer, Insulated and SR), and Wynd Star.
  • By Dynaco: Dynarigid, All-weather M2 and M3, Power M2 and M3, M2 Basic, D-501, S731, Stainless Steel M2, Armor Security LS and Fire Doors, Freezer M2, Streamline, Slimline Stainless and Techno.

You can count on us to provide the quality high speed door installation and repair services you need. Don’t see your make or model listed above, just call our office and ask. We carry a wide range of door makes and models.

When you need installation or repair services for your high speed doors, call Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Chattanooga at (423) 212-8186 to schedule your free consultation!