completed dock bumpers installation and repair in ChattanoogaWorn out or inadequate dock bumpers can result in expensive repairs for your business. The right dock bumper installation and regular maintenance and repair can mean the difference between an efficiently running dock and one that’s not running at all. When your facility needs dock bumper installation and repair services, call Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors® of Chattanooga!

If your loading docks are taking a beating from heavy truck traffic, or worse, you’re concerned that your building or foundation may be taking damage, let us send our experienced, trained professional technicians to your site to help you assess your current dock and building protection. We’ll look at your dock bumper installation and make recommendations on repairs, upgrades, or replacement, if needed. At Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Chattanooga, our dock bumper installation and repair assessments are always performed free of charge!

Our Dock Bumper Installation and Repair Assessments

Every loading dock and facility is different. That means every dock needs to be assessed independently. Our trained technicians have seen the many different ways truck traffic causes damage when dock bumper installations fail to protect. We can help ensure that your docks and building structure are adequately protected, by getting the right dock bumpers in place.

There are many different kinds of dock bumper systems, and not every system makes sense for every application. Heavy steel-faced bumpers can protect against vertical trailer movement and will extend the life of your bumpers, but may be overkill in some situations.

Tough laminated bumpers can protect your docks from truck damage while standing up to exterior weather conditions, but may not be necessary for lighter applications or indoor use. Extra-thick bumpers may be necessary for larger, heavier truck traffic, while extra-long bumpers may be needed to cover longer, wider trailers.

At Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Chattanooga, we have the experienced professionals on staff who understand these applications and can recommend dock bumper solutions that will work for your unique set-up. They’ll take the time to survey and analyze your dock bumpers, and recommend a dock bumper installation or repair solution that will maximize your protection and minimize your costs.

When you have questions about your current dock bumper installation, need dock bumper repair or maintenance, would like to schedule a free on-site consultation, or need other assistance, call Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Chattanooga today at (423) 212-8186.