truck restraints installation and repair in Calhoun

If you operate a shipping/receiving facility, truck restraints could be the difference between a spotless safety record and a serious accident. At Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors® of Calhoun GA, we know how important truck restraints can be, and how important it is to have them installed and maintained by professionals. Our truck restraints installation and repair services in Calhoun will give you a safer loading area, reducing the risk of product loss, mechanical damage, and worker injury.

Our team of truck restraint installation and repair specialists in Calhoun can help you find the right restraint system for your loading dock, install that system with exacting attention to detail, and provide you with any maintenance services you may need to keep your restraints in working order. We also provide responsive repair and maintenance services for existing truck restraint systems within the Calhoun area.

Our Truck Restraints Installation and Repair in Calhoun

Truck restraints solve one of the most dangerous safety risks in shipping/receiving facilities: unexpected gaps between trailers and docks. These gaps typically occur for one of two reasons. The first is trailer creep, which happens when a trailer slowly inches away from a dock, creating a gap that goes unnoticed by dock workers and forklift drivers. The second is early departure, when a driver leaves the dock while loading/unloading is still in progress.

Either case is incredibly dangerous. An accident caused by an unexpected gap could result in massive product loss, mechanical damage to forklifts and trailers, structural damage to your facility, or serious injuries to workers. All these issues can be avoided with truck restraints, which lock trailers to docks and prevent gaps from forming in the middle of loading/unloading.

As Calhoun’s source for truck restraint installations and truck repairs, it’s our mission to make loading docks safer. If your facility is currently without truck restraints, we will help you find the perfect make and model for your loading dock. We offer truck restraint systems from leading brands like Kelly and Pioneer, with installation provided by highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Truck restraint installation and repair services from Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Calhoun also include maintenance and repair work on existing truck restraint systems. Our repair trucks include a range of specialized tools and replacement components so that most repairs can be completed in a single visit.

Learn more about our truck restraints installation and repair services in Calhoun and Marietta GA by calling Pro-Lift Dock & Overhead Doors of Calhoun (706) 405-4838 today!