truck restraints installation and repair in Buford

At Pro-Lift Dock & Doors® of Buford GA, we provide local businesses with the tools they need to keep loading docks safe. Our truck restraints installation and repair services are part of that mission. Truck restraints keep your loading docks safe by securing trucks and trailers in place, which prevents dangerous gaps during loading and unloading.

As Buford’s source for loading dock systems and technologies, we offer an array of truck restraint systems, and we can help you choose the right system for your facility and shipping/receiving operations. In addition to truck restraint installations, we also perform routine maintenance and repairs within the Buford area.

Whether we’re installing a new set of truck restraints or keeping your existing restraints in top shape, the team at Pro-Lift Dock & Doors of Buford can help you achieve top marks in safety and efficiency.

Our Truck Restraints Installation and Repair Services in Buford

During loading or unloading, gaps can sometimes open up between trailers and loading docks. In some cases, gaps are created by trailer creep, as trailers slowly drift away from the loading dock edge. In other cases, miscommunication causes the driver to leave the loading dock early, while loading and unloading is still taking place. In either case, a gap could result in product loss, severe damage to machinery, and risk of injury or even death for dock workers.

Truck restraints prevent these gaps from opening by securing the truck in place during loading and/or unloading. So as long as the restraint is activated, there will be zero risk of trailer drift and it will be impossible for the driver to leave the dock early by accident.

Pro-Lift Docks & Doors of Buford offers a complete array of truck restraints installation and repair services to ensure that your facility has the right restraints in place and that your restraints remain in perfect working order. We offer a selection of heavy-duty, low-maintenance truck restraints for new installations, and we will work with you to ensure that the right type of restraints are put in place for your loading dock.

Our truck restraint installation and repair services in Buford also include repairs and maintenance of existing restraints. We have the tools, skills, and experience needed to service any type of restraint. In fact, we have a full set of specialty tools and replacement parts in every one of our trucks, allowing us to perform most repairs in a single visit.

Our truck restraints installation and repair services are available throughout the Buford GA area, including Athens, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Roswell, Suwanee, and Atlanta. Call Pro-Lift Docks & Doors of Buford today at (770) 586-5725 to learn more, request a quote, or place a service call.