Dock Seals and Shelters Installation and Repair in BufordWhen businesses in Buford, GA need help with their dock seals and shelters, they turn to the experts at Pro-Lift Dock & Doors® of Buford. Our dock seals and shelters installation and repair services are trusted by businesses in Buford and the surrounding areas, including Athens, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Roswell, Atlanta, and Suwanee.

We know how important your dock seals and shelters can be. A properly functioning dock seal/shelter will conserve energy and help you maintain temperatures within your facility, which reduces energy costs and can help you protect temperature sensitive stock. It will also help you keep insects out of your facility, which can be a risk to workforce health and safety, and can put your facility at risk of infestation.

By choosing Pro-Lift Dock & Doors of Buford, you’re choosing experts for dock seals and shelters installation and repair. Our reputation for top-of-the-line parts, exceptional workmanship, and uncompromising customer service have made us a trusted local source for dock seals and shelters.

Dock Seals and Shelters Installation in Buford

Our installation services make it easy to find the right seals or shelters for your facility’s docks. We use the highest quality products in our dock seals and shelters installation and repair services. As such, our seals and shelters come from trusted manufacturers, including leading brands like Rite-Hite and Pioneer.

Installations are performed by highly skilled, professionally trained technicians, meaning your new seal or shelter will be sturdy and secure. Our technicians follow all manufacturer guidelines, perform a detailed check of components at the end of installation, and will perform a post-installation test on your seal or shelter to ensure it is working flawlessly.

Dock Seals and Shelters Repair in Buford

Over time, dock seals and shelters can suffer from wear and damage. In many cases, this compromises the quality of the seal or shelter, resulting in an imperfect seal. In other cases, such as damaged anchors, you could be risking damage to vehicles, stock, your facility, or injury to your workers.

We can help you diagnose a damaged seal or shelter, then perform any needed repairs. We offer regular inspections for dock seals and shelters to help you detect damage early. When wear or damage is present, we can provide you with a professional estimate for repair or replacement.

As with our dock seals and shelters installations, our repairs are performed using top-of-the-line components and expert workmanship. Additionally, we offer 24/7 availability and same-day response for priority repairs, helping you avoid unnecessary downtime caused by a damaged seal or shelter.

Learn more about our dock seals and shelters installation and repair services by calling Pro-Lift Dock & Doors of Buford at 770-586-5725.