garage door panel repair in Austin

At Pro-Lift Doors® of Austin TX, we know how frustrating it can be to discover garage door damage to only one or two panels. Whether the panel is cracked, dented, discolored, or damaged in some other way, the result can be an eyesore. The good news? You won’t need to have your entire garage door replaced to fix the problem. Instead, you can rely on our garage door panel repair and replacement services in Austin.

Garage door panel repair services from Pro-Lift Doors of Austin offer an easy and cost-effective way to fix garage door damage that’s confined to only one or two panels. We’ll help you find a panel that matches your existing door, and we’ll provide full-service installation. And if you’re unsure whether to replace damaged panels or install a completely new door, our team will be happy to provide you with any guidance or assistance you may need.

Our Garage Door Panel Repair Services in Austin

Your garage door’s panels can become damaged in all sorts of ways. Minor collisions, vandalism, and weather damage are just three of the most common ways that panels become compromised. When that happens, many homeowners think that they need to replace their entire garage door to fix the problem.

But with help from Pro-Lift Doors of Austin, that simply isn’t true. So long as the rest of your garage door is undamaged and in good working order, we can easily replace individual panels. A panel repair or replacement can have your garage door looking as good as new, but it will cost far less than replacing your entire door.

Garage door panel repair and replacement services from Pro-Lift Doors of Austin cover aluminum and wood door panels in a wide range of styles. We can order a replacement panel that matches the material and style of your existing garage door. In many cases, we can also match the color of your door. If we can’t, it’s easy to paint your new panel the right color or to give your entire garage door a fresh coat of paint.

Unsure whether you need a garage door panel repair or a full-scale garage door replacement? Our team at Pro-Lift of Austin will be more than happy to help. We can inspect your garage door to check for hidden or hard-to-spot damage, and we can provide you with quotes to help you weigh the cost of a door panel repair vs. a full-scale garage door replacement.

Our garage door panel repair services are available throughout Austin TX and surrounding areas. Our complete service area extends to Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock, Bee Cave, Kyle, and Bastrop, as well as other nearby communities.

Call (512) 838-3308 today for a free quote on garage door panel repair services from Pro-Lift Doors of Austin.