Mergers and Acquisitions Since our inception over 20 years ago, we have partnered with a number of entrepreneurs as well as business leaders throughout communities across the country. We are trusted and preferred by successful management teams because we share common entrepreneurial values with them. We also have the needed resources to provide the strategic assets that will ensure the growth and success of their businesses. Our strategic partnerships give entrepreneurs the freedom to have control over the day-to-day decision making of their business while we ensure future growth is maintained. We create and provide value by providing strategic leadership, introduction of cross selling opportunities to promote the growth of the business, advice and counsel sharing the best and effective practices across all platforms and sourcing and executing acquisition opportunities.

Alignment Of Interests

We will ensure that you have a meaningful stake in the business that you run on a daily basis. You will also have an active financial participation to ensure the long term growth of the operations while being responsible for the decision-making process at the same time.

Partnership With Proven Management

We hand over the decision making obligations to those on the front line. This is done confidently since our acquisitions are operated by a proven management team.

Long Term Capital

We do not operate with a fixed time investment horizon. We build businesses. We are interested in creating value in our business ventures for a long period of time. We put our efforts in investing in our businesses through the provision of growth or acquisition capital.

Who do we partner with?

We partner with successful, private companies that are interested in the following:

  • A strong and committed partner possessing the strategic vision and finance to uplift their business
  • The expertise and ability needed to monetize equity value for shareholders for the purpose of a management buy-out
  • Buy-out of inactive business partners
  • A strategy through which a portfolio investors and founders can exit
  • Support for a management buy-out